Erlend Hella Matre
Director / Producer

Erlend Hella Matre has been studying and working with visual art since his early teens. In Norway he studied fine arts and theater science at the University of Oslo. Since 1998 he has been working with design in theater and film in the Czech Republic, starting off studying stage design under professor Lubos Hruza at the theater faculty of applied arts at the Charles University, Prague. He has written short scripts for films as well as co-written a full feature.
Erlend Hella Matre has also experience as an actor both on the stage and in films in Norway as well as in Czech Republic.
He has done stage and film design, including costume design, at several Czech theaters and Czech film productions, commercials and music videos.
In his youth he was also an active musician with percussion as main instrument and piano and guitar as side instruments.
Andrea Shaffer

Andrea Shaffer has been in the film industry for 20 years. During this time she has worked in both in the west and the eastern block. She is passionate about challenging international film makers with ambitions concepts.
At the beginning of her film career she directed and produced short films, worked for global companies such as Panalux & Vantage Film, joined Buzz Production as an International Producer, represented directors at Stink Production (Moscow) and later returned to her home town, Prague, and formed Nomad Films Prague. Mindset is her new mission.
Andrea is also Head of International Sales at MagicLab Prague, a VFX/ post-production company focused on feature films and co-productions. Magiclab is a co-producer of A Man of Integrity awarded Un Certain Regard in Cannes 2017, Bille a family drama co-producer with Latvia/Devini Studio and My Grandpa Fell of Mars co-producer with Croatia/Dim Studio.
Tel: +420 731 068 740
Tel: +420 602 343 717


The unconditional love of a parasite

Trying to get in touch with her daughter, who she had to leave as a baby, Eva (37) is torn between the need for recognition and fear of rejection. She even doubts if she has the right to tell Sandra (22) who she is…

Trapped between her brutal father and controlling grandmother, Sandra has turned into a complicated young woman. But Sandra can’t leave. Her childhood dreams keep her in a tight grip; what if her mother suddenly turns up and she’s not there?

As it happens, the young entomologist Karel (26) is in town this summer looking for a rare caterpillar. Sandra uses Karel to escape her family, and Eva uses Karel in her struggle to get in touch with Sandra. Drawn into Karel’s world of social ants and parasitic caterpillars, both women engage in an intimate relationship with him.

Through Karel’s simultaniosly cruel and beautiful world of insects, mother and daughter manage to shake off the stigma created by society’s expectations, morals and conventions, thus finaly finding a common ground on which they can unite.